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I should have expected 0 sleeps until departure would also mean 0 sleep before departure.

I have been awake (unintentionally) since 2am Dallas time, but I am feeling good. Sitting in the international terminal at DFW I feel tired, excited, not nervous or anxious, but ready to go. 

The past week has gone by rather quickly and has been full of sweet messages, dinners, coffee dates, lunches, happy hour drinks, and wonderful quiet time with the Good Doc. It has filled me joy and the feeling of overwhelming support. 

My favorite quote of the week comes from my friend Danny “I believe you are doing something truly great and it reminds me that we have but one life and it should be lived as an adventure.”

Thank you friends.  

With love and gratitude,



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  1. DGII
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    Yay I’m excited to see day 1 in Europe!

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