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I am home and readjusting to life post-Camino. While my mind is making the transition, my feet, knees, and ankles need a bit more time. The last few days I have enjoyed a lot of lazy hours at home with the Good Doc, trying to coax my body and my cats into granting me forgiveness for the last 7 weeks.

It’s hard to answer the question “how was the Camino” or sum things up in a Facebook update, but one thing I have learned is technology issues are not easy to solve on the Camino. I was able to write about my experiences and feelings but struggled to get the iPad to post to the site. I think spotty wifi (wee-fee as they say in Spain) and a not so tech-savvy me are to blame (template updates are not good Camino evening activities.)

The good news is, I think one way to help transition and get my head around my experiences, will be to review all of my photos and work on publishing all of my blog entries to the site.

So for the next few days, I will be restoring old entries. I hope some of you can take this journey again with me.


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