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Finding True North

The Beginning
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I can remember the moment I thought about my first Camino blog post. How I would re-tell the story of Day 1. You know DAY 1. I was standing on the side of a mountain (well, that is, if being … Read More

One Year Later
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“Today, 40 sleeps away, I am looking forward to the simplicity and the time with myself. What a gift it will be to only be responsible for myself and to only really be concerned with my most basic needs. A … Read More

Prince & The Traveling Wilburys
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I found this video after news broke of Prince’s passing. In 2004 the surviving members of the Traveling Wilburys paid tribute to George Harrison with a performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps at the Rock of Roll Hall of … Read More

Sorry for the technical issues!
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I am home and readjusting to life post-Camino. While my mind is making the transition, my feet, knees, and ankles need a bit more time. The last few days I have enjoyed a lot of lazy hours at home with … Read More

Small Update
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Hello – all is well. there been very little time for an update but in short I have crossed the Pyrenees and made my way to Spain! I am tired and in pain, but in great spirits. More later but … Read More

0 sleeps
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I should have expected 0 sleeps until departure would also mean 0 sleep before departure. I have been awake (unintentionally) since 2am Dallas time, but I am feeling good. Sitting in the international terminal at DFW I feel tired, excited, … Read More

No More Dithering, NP
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Among my online circle of fellow novice pilgrims, I find that dithering about your pack and equipment is almost a rite of passage. Major decisions like which backpack do you wear are given equal fervor as questions like should I … Read More

pil·grim | peregrinos | peregrina?
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I have noticed lately that my language has inadvertently changed when I talk about my impending adventure. “I am walking the Camino” has morphed into “I am going on pilgrimage in northern Spain.” The puzzled looks and polite smiles still … Read More

Finding True North
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The new name for a new location with my blog. I was previously using Tumblr (which I still am) but I have taken the step to purchase my domain and build my own website. This is a new for me, … Read More